A.T.I エース品質管理研究所について

Ace Luggage Hokkaido Akahira Factory has established the `` ATI Ace Quality Control Laboratory''.

Suitcases are tools used to carry and transport our precious luggage, such as dragging heavy items over various roads, loading them onto airplanes as checked baggage, opening and closing them many times, and serving as our companions on trips and business trips. .

Considering that products are used under a variety of conditions and are subject to a variety of loads, we conduct tests tailored to the characteristics of the product, such as verifying the strength and durability of new products and new parts, and verifying the scenarios in which the product will be used. This is a research institute that collects data repeatedly.

We will introduce 5 types of test contents that are frequently tested among various tests.

1. Caster running test

ATI Ace Quality Control Institute Quality Test Suitcase

The durability of the casters is verified by running them on a simulated road surface with weights loaded.

The weight will vary depending on the size of the suitcase, but the maximum total weight is 30 kg. Suitcases are loaded with luggage and run on various surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and tiles for long periods of time, so the casters are rotated continuously for about 4 hours over a distance of 16 km , causing damage and wear. Verify state durability and collect data.

2.Fall test

ATI Ace Quality Control Institute Quality Test Suitcase

Durability will be tested by dropping a weighted object inside a giant rotating drum with a diameter of 3.3 meters.

Square timbers and boards are placed inside the drum, designed to hit various parts of the suitcase, and are dropped 25 times for 3 minutes.

It is said from past alumni that the square timbers and planks are set up so that one corner collides three times. Especially overseas, when luggage is checked in on an airplane or moved during transit, unexpected shocks may be applied, so this test has been adopted as a test item.

3.4. Drop impact test (caster & glide)

ATI Ace Quality Control Institute Quality Test Suitcase

Test the strength by changing the direction of the casters and dropping the product 5 times from a height of 120cm with a weight attached, and also by dropping it from the glide 5 times.

When a suitcase with luggage is dropped, the casters and glides are subjected to a considerable load, so we are verifying their strength, including the possibility of damage or deterioration to the casters, glides, and main body shell.

5. Handle strength test

ATI Ace Quality Control Institute Quality Test Suitcase

The durability of the handle, main body, lock, etc. is verified by repeating a 10cm free fall 5,000 times for approximately 5 hours while holding the top handle and main handle with a weight loaded.

It was selected as a test item because there are many situations where stress is applied not only to the handle part but also to the lock part, such as when climbing stairs while holding the handle with luggage inside .

These verification tests are the foundation of manufacturing, and are performed on new products and materials, as well as on products currently on sale. In order to support customers' safe and secure transportation with stable quality, we conduct research and development while collecting data every day.

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