Since company established in 1960, ACE Luggage Co., Ltd. has pursued an objective to make people's move smoother and more comfortable through manufacturing "Carrying Forms (Mochihakobu Katachi)" like bags and luggage and developed high-quality products for movement with reliable skills.

Travelling is a primitive action just for human beings.

Animals move to survive but people move (travel) to just satisfy their curiosity, dreaming about destinations that they don't know yet.
All of that wisdom to solve problems on movement, information network for getting to destinations, and curiosity that they're eager to discover places they don't know have driven people travel from very long time ago.

Especially because Japan is an island, the way to visit abroad is limited and even in country, people need to over several mountains to across Japanese island. Technology has made transportation more comfortable and enjoyable, allowing people to choose the way to get to their destinations, and to arrive there in shorter time. Despite that, people take trouble, like go explore untouched nature or places taking a long time all the way. How come? That may be an action caused by their curiosity.

In addition, people learnt to enjoy living even in small spaces by moving furniture and decorate rooms or folding bedclothes. So now they move stuff from room to room or from inside to outside in various ways and depending on purpose and mood. That has no rules but is an action just for enjoying their life.

We are closely connected with travel and movement.

In order to satisfy your insatiable curiosity of your journey and movement from start to finish, we will support the new era of travel and movement with the technology and experience we have gained in manufacturing luggage for over many years.