Factory of ACE Luggage in Akabira, Hokkaido is the biggest factory in Japan started running in 1971, which produces domestically manufactured lugagge. It is located in Mojiri, Akabira city, Hokkaido, whose site area is approximately 110,000 square meters. (3 times bigger than Sapporo dome stadium)
Our corporate philosophy is ''CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, EFFORT CORRECTLY''. Since its establishment, with the motto in our hearts, we have been developing various products which had been worth more than price, for over 50 years.
Products like luggage or bags may not put your life at risk directly; however, we've been trying and testing to maintain quality in an honest manner and doing researches and developing because we know even a tiny defect may lead to trouble and inconvenience.

To accomplish your ''safe, secure and comfortable movement'' is our mission.

ACE Technology Institute

We conduct various verification experiments to secure and improve our technology of trust.

ACE Technology Institute is an institute to conduct the following tests that match each product's character and collect data; for example, the test for new products or parts, verification of durability that simulates if the products function properly under particular situations when customers use them.

  • Wheel Running Test

    Wheel durability test by rolling 16km on simulated road for 4 hour in a row with added weights inside.

  • Drum Drop Test

    A Tests to verify durability by dropping a case with added weights inside in the rotating large drum 3.3 metes in diameter with protrusions and other obstacles inside.

  • Drop Impact Test

    To test strength of wheels by dropping luggage with added weights inside for 5 times from 120cm high by changing angle of wheels and glides for 5 times.

  • Handle Strength Test

    To check strength of the handles, lock wheels and shell with added weight inside by moving handles up and down 5,000 times at high speed.

  • Open-Close Test

    To verify durability of the locks and hinges under various situations, open and close lids by human hands.

  • Temperature Cycling Test

    Putting luggage under -20℃ conditions for 24 consecutive hours and leaving it under 40℃ with 85% humidity for another 24 consecutive hours. This is repeated 3 times to verify its durability.
  • Falling Impact Test

    To test strength of shells by dropping 1kg weight onto material of shells from every 10cm high (Up to 1 meter-high maximum)
  • Heat and Humidity Resistance Test

    To verify durability of parts and stretchy / adhesive conditions of fabrics, putting luggage under 40℃ with humidity for 500 consecutive hours.
  • Surface Friction Test

    To check amount and condition of wear and tear, sand shells with abrasive file with a load of 1kg pressure and rotate 250 times.

Environmental Initiatives

At our factory in Akabira, Hokkaido, we work on the following activities environmentally friendly actions; recycling resin shells of luggage, reducing CO2 emitted by running the factory, saving energy, etc.
Through taking eco-friendly methods and technologies into our production lines, we have been trying to keep that people can experience four seasons and see picturesque landscapes of various locations in a beautiful island nation, Japan as a tourist attraction forever. Then, from small, we diligently contribute to the natural environmental protection.

Hokkaido Akabira Factory Introduction Video

Through this video, we would like you to get to know the daily life of Hokkaido Akabira Factory of ACE Luggage Co., Ltd.