‘’Traveling’’ is a primitive action only for human beings.
People never stop to move as long as they have destinations.
We create comfortable, safe and secure products which are essential for movement with our reliable skills and experiences we have been manufacturing luggage and bags. And then, we fulfill your lives with insatiable curiosity.
About Us

Our Business

We provide manufacturing service and develop products including luggage and bags, related to movement.


ACE Technology Institute

We conduct various verification experiments to secure and improve our technology of trust.

ACE Technology Institute is an institute to conduct the following tests that match each product's character and collect data; for example, the test for new products or parts, verification of durability that simulates if the products function properly under particular situations when customers use them.

  • Wheel Running Test

    Wheel durability test by rolling 16km on simulated road for 4 hour in a row with added weights inside.
  • Drum Drop Test

    A Tests to verify durability by dropping a case with added weights inside in the rotating large drum 3.3 metes in diameter with protrusions and other obstacles inside.
  • Drop Impact Test

    To test strength of wheels by dropping luggage with added weights inside for 5 times from 120cm high by changing angle of wheels and glides for 5 times.
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